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Shop Like an Affluent Thin Person

Posted by denisefisher on January 23, 2009

Here’s something I’ve noticed when I’m out shopping in grocery stores. I often see a lot of overweight shoppers loading up on processed foods, snacks, and soft drinks. Sometimes, they’re even snacking while they shop or sipping from a quart-size fast food soda cup. They often look like they just rolled out of bed and grabbed whatever frumpy sweats were within easy reach. They plod down the aisles with no particular sense of purpose. Some of them have children that are clamoring for whatever catches their eye, and there’s occasionally yelling or excessively loud talking. You’ve seen these people. They’re the ones you don’t want to get behind in the checkout line.


Sometimes, we are one of these people. We don’t think of ourselves as being overweight or unhealthy eaters. But look at what’s in our carts. We don’t think of ourselves as looking like slobs when we throw on some lounging attire, slip on a pair of flip-flops, and grab a baseball cap on our way out the door. We’re only running out to the store for a few things, for crying out loud. But does your appearance affect how you shop, the food that you buy, or the amount that you spend?


Other times, I see shoppers who are slender and well dressed. They look like they have money. Maybe they’re on their way home from work or maybe they just dress nicely whenever they go out – even if it’s just to the grocery store. For some reason, I mostly see these shoppers in the produce section. Even when I see them at the checkout, they seem to have fewer items in their carts, and what they do have seems to be more healthful. These shoppers tend to know what they came there to buy. I don’t see them lingering in the aisles, pondering over which flavors of Pop-tarts® to buy. Nor are they the type to be arguing with the checkout clerk about why their credit card was declined. You’ve seen these people too – they look like they just stepped out of a movie set – the scene where they bump into a romantic love interest while exiting the store, carrying a grocery bag with a bunch of celery and a loaf of French bread sticking out the top.


Sometimes, we are those shoppers too. We have a good grip on things in our lives and our appearance reflects our confidence. We rein in our spending and make good food choices. Our splurge items are fewer and are carefully selected and savored. We’re purposeful and unrushed, so we are happy to be polite and offer our place in line to someone who only has two items. Our assured demeanor is sensed by others as well. When we ask the produce manager if there are any more cantaloupes, he gladly wheels out a case of melons that have newly arrived, and offers us first choice before he restocks the display. When we get to the checkout, we have our coupons, cards, or cash ready. And we’re pleased when we see the reasonable total that reflects our purchasing restraint.


The next time you get ready to go to the grocery store, check yourself in the mirror. Which of these personalities are you going to take with you to do your food shopping?


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