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I am a baby-boomer from central Ohio, also with a home in Norfolk, Virginia. I took advantage of an early retirement opportunity in early 2007 to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship. My career experience was in the field of facilities planning and engineering, where I worked in the Department of Defense. I am, by nature, a planner, teacher, writer, project manager, and  cultural analyst. I am a lifelong learner, and I attended Columbus State Community College, Columbus College of Art & Design, and Ohio State University. My entrepreneurial pursuit is currently a program I’m calling Before Your Next Birthday. It’s intent is to use a reality TV format to support small teams of people, as they prepare their portfolios to get fit, get organized, and get their financial affairs in order.  Sometimes to put your life plan in order, you do need make a major production out of it. And so, this is the topic of my blog.

I have a son who moved to Los Angeles to become a film maker, the rest of my family lives in central Ohio, and my cat, Snowy, lives and travels with me between my two residences.

You can reach me by sending a message via the contact form.

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